Fitness consultant – I have participated in many sports throughout my life with noticeable success in athletics, long distance running, and Natural Bodybulding. My greatest accolade was to win The World Natural Bodybulding Title and I continue to advocate a Drug Free lifestyle.

I have worked in this field for over thirty years providing personalized fitness programs for clients of all levels.

I work one-on-one with individuals to access their needs and develop a lifestyle strategy to enable them to achieve their goals and to prevent injury. My focus is to find the most optimal way to achieve goals effectively and systematically whilst keeping it fun and realistic. The need of clients vary tremendously. Some require weight loss, others weight gain whilst many need help to realign their bodies after an injury or a recurring problem. Programs can be developed around the gym, at home or outdoors. The slogan, ‘Your body is my business’, stands true for every client.